Dr. Jude Pfister

Jude Pfister

Dr. Jude Pfister has been at Morristown since 2004 and has been with the National Park Service in the field of historic preservation and cultural resource conservation since 1993. Prior to 1993 he worked for the Delaware State Archives. Dr. Pfister oversees the museum, archival, and library programs at Morristown and has as his goal the integration of the separate disciplines into a single unit representing our cultural heritage. He has experience in a variety of curatorial settings impacting many of our nation’s most important historic sites and collections. His professional interests include American constitutional development; the development of American historiography as a separate discipline; historic preservation and the communication of cultural patrimony to the general public; and understanding the broad scope of historic preservation through the interconnectedness of cultural resources. He earned his BA from Delaware State University, his MA from Washington College, and his doctorate (D.Litt.) from Drew University. He is the author of The First Decade of the United States Supreme Court, The Jacob Ford Jr. Mansion, The Fords of New Jersey, and America Writes Its History: The Formation of a National Narrative, and several articles and reviews. His most recent book, The Life and Times of Morris County’s Acorn Hall, is currently under contract. In 2010, his book The Jacob Ford Jr. Mansion, was awarded The Eastern National Board of Directors Author’s Award.

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