Atalaya Armstrong

Atalaya Armstrong was born, raised, married, and reared three children in the City of Trenton. Her passion for advocacy started 26 years ago with the birth of her first daughter, when she realized she needed to get involved, raise her voice, and use her abilities to better not only her community but also society.  In the capacity of Community Advocate, her advocacy is deeply rooted in equity, equality, and justice for all; it spans political, social, and economic spectrums through protest, demonstration, and lecture. Atalaya holds a baccalaureate degree and is pursuing an associate degree in Criminal Justice. She has successfully organized and lobbied in the Nation’s Capital and the New Jersey State House, lobbying for issues such as voting rights, criminal justice reform, reparations, Medicare for all, student loan forgiveness, and more.  She serves as Chair of the Trenton Historic Development Collaborative, where she leads the preservation of historical narratives and structures, including advocacy for restoring the Higbee School and Carver Center. Atalaya serves as Chief Steward for AFSCME Local 2285 and as an At-Large member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. She is a graduate of the Trenton Police Citizens Academy and leads Trenton’s local call to action for reparations for African American people. 

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