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Bonny Beth Elwell

Bonny Beth Elwell is a local historian, author, and editor of history publications in South Jersey. Like most public historians she holds a variety of part time jobs. She is the Library Director at the Camden County Historical Society, where she manages an active archive and research library. Bonny Beth is also the editor of the weekly Elmer Times newspaper, a newspaper that has been published in Elmer since 1885. Through her work with the Camden County Historical Society, Bonny Beth was instrumental in starting the Camden County History Alliance in 2016 and edits their biannual 44-page local history magazine, each issue is distributed to 10,000 people. She also coordinates the annual Camden County History Month held each October. Bonny Beth has published two books and countless articles on local history. Her books are Upper Pittsgrove, Elmer, and Pittsgrove, published by Arcadia Press, in 2013, on the history of eastern Salem County; and 18th Century Documents of Pittsgrove Presbyterian Church from 2016. As a volunteer Ms. Elwell serves as President of the Greater Elmer Area Historical Society, Vice President of the Genealogical Society of Salem County, a board member of the Salem County Historical Society, and a member of the Salem County Cultural and Heritage Commission. 

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