Welcome to the New Jersey History and Historic Preservation Conference

Bridget Neary

Bridget Neary is a Senior Planner and Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) at Monmouth County’s Division of Planning.  She is the coordinator of the county’s Community Rating System (CRS) Assistance Program and works on climate change and flood resilience and awareness projects.  Bridget worked for several years as the coordinator for the Monmouth County Cultural and Heritage Byway program and was a member of the Upper Freehold Historic Farmland Byway Committee.  While one of Bridget’s favorite things to do is travel, as a lifelong resident of New Jersey, her favorite places are still here in the state. With her work on the byway programs, she was able to use her love of learning through exploration to assist in the creation of the Monmouth County Cultural and Heritage Virtual Byway Tours. Bridget recognizes the challenges that cultural and historic assets face in the wake of climate change and believes that creative adaptation strategies will be necessary to preserve these assets.    

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