Welcome to the New Jersey History and Historic Preservation Conference

Katie Humphreys

Katie Humphreys has been the Registrar for the Morris County Park Commission (MCPC) managing its historic artifact, image, and archival Collections since 2017. She has spent the past 15 years working in public history following time as a public schoolteacher. Her current work focuses heavily on public service –what are the activities of registration, preservation, and exhibition that provide the most value to the public. This focus has led to work ranging from continuing to surface under told stories within the MCPC Collections to exploring the interconnectedness of museum, archival, library, and preservation disciplines, and utilizing holistic planning models for supporting the Collections’ welfare across the MCPC’s diverse holdings and structures. As part of that she has been a key participant in the two phase NEH funded research project, Sustainable Management of Collections Environments with Limited Controls. 

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