Matthew Tomaso

Matthew S. Tomaso, M.A., RPA is a New Jersey native whose career has straddled applied and academic aspects of archaeology. His degrees are in anthropology and the earth sciences. He returned to New Jersey in 1997 to start an interdisciplinary program focused on archaeology and cultural resource management at Montclair State University, where he taught full-time in various departments until he dropped to part time teaching in 2005. Over his 30+ years in CRM and the academic world, Mr. Tomaso has published and presented dozens of peer-reviewed scholarly articles, conference presentations and sessions ranging from the history of archaeological theory to analyses of prehistoric stone tools and the geomorphology of archaeological sites to the social history and archaeology of the “deserted village” of Feltville in Union County’s Watchung Reservation. Mr. Tomaso founded and directs PS&S’ cultural resource management practice. He serves as an advisor to the Society for American Archaeology’s Awards Committee for Cultural Resource Management, is a member of the New Jersey Historical Commission New Jersey Studies Journal’s editorial board, and has been a member of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey’s executive board for most of the last 20 years.

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