Paul Edmondson

Paul Edmondson is President & CEO of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Before being named to the position in June 2019, Paul served for more than two decades as the organization’s general counsel. In that role, he championed the strong enforcement and interpretation of preservation laws at the federal, state, and local levels, while at the same time working with developers, community leaders, and local preservationists to find effective solutions to preservation challenges. He has assisted property owners in identifying creative options for preserving historic properties, including the use of historic preservation easements. In his work with National Trust Historic Sites, he has advanced new shared-use operating models designed to ensure their long-term sustainability and relevance in modern-day life. As the National Trust’s chief counsel, he was engaged with virtually all aspects of the organization’s work during the course of his service with the organization.

A graduate of Cornell University, Paul began his professional career as a practicing archaeologist before entering law school at American University. He served as a senior attorney with the federal government before joining the National Trust’s legal staff.

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