Sharon (Elaine) Buck

Sharon Elaine Buck, who prefers to be called Elaine, is a founder the Stoutsburg Sourland African American Museum and a member on the Advisory Board.  Elaine is also a thirty year Trustee of the Stoutsburg Cemetery Association which is a historic cemetery for people of African descent located in the Sourland Mountains in Hopewell, New Jersey.  Along with her research partner, Beverly Mills, Elaine has co-authored a book entitled If These Stones Could Talk which is based on over a decade’s worth of research on the contribution of African Americans who lived in the Sourland Mountain region and surrounding area.  She is a co-founder of Friday Truehart Consultants which is a consulting company that works closely with K-12 educators from various school systems who are interested in including African American history in their lesson plans and curriculum. For many years Elaine, along with fellow trustees of the Stoutsburg Cemetery Association, has presented at various schools, historic sites and community groups. In her capacity as a researcher and speaker, Elaine has partnered with the William Trent House, 1804 Consultants, the Grounds For Sculpture and the National Assessment of Educational Progress for the State of New Jersey to host a series of symposiums designed to explore African American history in New Jersey, how to interpret African American history at historic sites and museums as well as how to present and discuss difficult topics in African American history. Elaine has been married to John Buck for over forty years and is the mother of two adult sons, Aaron and Jason.  She is the third generation to live in her home in Hopewell Borough, NJ. For numerous years Elaine has also served as the Church Clerk for the Second Calvary Baptist Church in Hopewell, New Jersey. 

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