Welcome to the New Jersey History and Historic Preservation Conference

Bobbi Hornbeck

Bobbi Hornbeck is a native of Cape May County, NJ, with a passion for exploring the intersections of historical preservation, identity, and landscape use. Currently, she is a Teaching Specialist of Anthropology at Stockton University offering archaeological coursework and programming. She also serves as the Vice President of the Cape May County Historical & Genealogical Society (CMCHGS), managing stewardship of their New Jersey State and National Historic Register listed Cresse-Holmes House (c. 1704/1830). Bobbi has more than a decade of experience in grant writing and project management and has been awarded a variety of research (archaeological and archival), historic preservation, and operational grants from county, state, and federal funding institutions. 

As a landscape archaeologist working in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, she specializes in the dynamic ways humans express their membership within stratified identity groups by building entangled relationships with each other and the landscape. As an officer of the board for the CMCHGS, Bobbi specializes in the inclusive preservation of local histories and public accessibility. 

Bobbi has integrated this cross-disciplinary experience into the development of high-impact learning opportunities for undergraduate students at Stockton University in laboratory, field, and archival settings. Through her programming, students learn about the importance of applying ethical standards and decolonizing frameworks to cultural resource management, the promotion of inclusive histories, and what studying the life-history of landscapes can tell us about the relationships between diverse cultural identities. 

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