Guy Weston

Guy Weston has been engaged in genealogy research for 25 years, with substantial focus on his maternal ancestors in Timbuctoo, NJ, where his fourth great-grandfather bought his family’s plot in 1829 for $30. He is also engaged in various research and public history initiatives to raise the profile of antebellum free African Americans in New Jersey history. These have included interpretive signage in the Timbuctoo, coordination of a curriculum development project in collaboration with local teachers, and preservation efforts for the Timbuctoo cemetery, where the oldest gravestone is dated 1847. He currently serves as president of the Timbuctoo Historical Society, and maintains a website which can be found at From 2017-2019 he was a visiting Scholar in the history department at Rutgers University. Guy has a master’s degree in Bicultural Studies from LaSalle University in Philadelphia. 

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