Welcome to the New Jersey History and Historic Preservation Conference

Jesse West-Rosenthal

Jesse West-Rosenthal, Ph.D. is a Program Specialist with the State Historic Preservation Office in the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Dr. West-Rosenthal is an archaeologist by training with nearly two decades of experience in archaeology of the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. Currently, Dr. West-Rosenthal serves as a staff reviewer in the Review and Compliance Section of the SHPO. Since 2011, Dr. West-Rosenthal has reviewed projects for impacts to archaeological resources under federal and state law, including Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. He has helped to organize trainings, conferences, and workshops for both professional and public audiences, and coordinated with other federal and state programs to ensure consideration of historic and archaeological resources in various program areas. Dr. West-Rosenthal holds a Master of Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology from Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts. 

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