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Peggy King Jorde

Peggy King Jorde is an activist and cultural projects consultant with an international practice in cultural heritage protection, memorialization, and advocacy for marginalized communities. King Jorde led early efforts to save the New York African Burial Ground and later served as Executive Director to the Federal Steering Committee charged with submitting a plan for memorialization to Congress. Subsequently, Peggy was appointed Director of Memorialization leading the design competitions that realized our nation’s first Memorial and Interpretive Center and the reinterment ceremony honoring enslaved and free Africans. Inspired by her work, King Jorde became the subject and a producer for the British documentary “A Story of Bones.” The film chronicles two Black women, one African American and the other Namibian, who join forces across the Atlantic to protect a burial ground for thousands of enslaved Africans direct from the Middle Passage. King Jorde has more than 25 years of experience in civic project design, planning, historic preservation, and community engagement. She served under three NYC mayors providing oversight of capital construction projects including New York’s iconic museums and cultural landmarks and infrastructure. 

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